Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Environment, Cambodia

The Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Environment, serving as the secretariat for the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC), is responsible to facilitate NCCC in implementing its mandated roles and responsibilities.

Background of the Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Environment:
The Climate Change Office was established in June 2003 and then promoted to the Climate Change Department (CCD) in October 2009 by a government Prakas. It is an arm of the Directorate General of Administration for Nature Conservation and Protection of the Ministry of Environment with a mission to contribute to sustainable development under climate change conditions and in accordance with the policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

CCD Function and Offices:
CCD serves as National Climate Change Commitee Secretariate, and the Designated National Authority for the Clean Development Mechanism and a focal point for United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the Kyoto Protocol.  

CCD is composed of 5 offices included Office of Administration and Planning; Office of Education and Outreach; Office of GHG Inventory and Mitigation; Office of Vulnerability and Adaptation; and Office of Policy and Coordination.

CCD Roles and Responsibilities:
CCD shall have the following key roles and functions:

    - Develop, in collaboration with relevant agencies, national strategy, action plan and policy and legal instruments related to climate change;
    - Implement UNFCCC, protocols to and decisions under it;
    - Develop national communications and green house gases (GHG) inventory of the Kingdom of Cambodia under the UNFCCC;
    - Conduct an assessment of potential GHG mitigation and promote the implementation of GHG mitigation projects in the Kingdom of Cambodia with appropriate technology;
    - Conduct assessment of vulnerability and adaptation (V&A) to climate change and promote implementation of climate change adaptation project in the Kingdom of Cambodia;
    - Promote mainstreaming of climate change in the national development and sectoral plans and coordinate the implementation of clean development mechanism and carbon credit projects in the Kingdom of Cambodia;
    - Promote research, education, dissemination, training, workshop and meeting to promote awareness on climate change and motivate participation of local communities in implementation of climate change response project;
    - Develop projects and programs and coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of all climate change related project and programs in the Kingdom of Cambodia;
    - Mobilize required resources, particularly to attract grants for implementation of policy, strategy, legal instruments, plans and programs on climate change;
    - Play role as a focal point for the UNFCCC, Kyoto protocol, CDM, resolutions and IPCC and develop government position for negotiation;
    - Perform secretarial role for the national climate change committee;
    - Cooperate with line agencies for the development and management of climate change fund and carbon credit policy;
    - Enhance collaboration with national agencies, development partners, civil society, and private sector for effective implementation of response measures to climate change as well as the UNFCCC; and
    - Develop report of activities and progress of work for submission to the government, ministry of environment, national and international agencies and relevant development partners.

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