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Current Selection: Policies & Programmes, Commercial

Title Jurisdiction/ Level Policy Themes Status Policy Type Start End
National Green Technology Policy, Malaysia NationalR&D PolicyIn-force or ActiveLegal Framework 2009 N/A
National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan (2009), Malaysia NationalMitigation PoliciesIn-force or ActiveLegal Framework 2008 N/A
Low Carbon Cities Framework (LCCF) and Assessment System, Malaysia NationalPlanning & StrategiesIn-force or ActivePlans/ Programmes N/A N/A
Sustainability Achieved Via Energy Efficiency (SAVE) Programme for Refrigerators and Air Conditioner, Malaysia NationalMitigation Policies: Tax Incentives/ Carbon TaxIn-force or ActivePlans/ Programmes 2011 N/A
Renewable Energy Act 2011 (Act 725), Malaysia NationalMitigation Policies: Tax Incentives/ Carbon TaxIn-force or ActiveLegal Framework 2011 N/A
Green Township Programme, Malaysia NationalAdaptation PoliciesIn-force or ActivePlans/ Programmes 2009 N/A
10th Malaysian Plan NationalMitigation PoliciesIn-force or ActivePlans/ Programmes 2010 2014
8th Malaysian Plan NationalPlanning & StrategiesExpiredPlans/ Programmes 2000 2004