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Current Selection: Policies & Programmes, Residential (Consumption)

Title Jurisdiction/ Level Policy Themes Status Policy Type Start End
Energy Conservation Promotion Act B.E 2535 (A.C 1992) or so called ECPA NationalPlanning & StrategiesIn-force or ActiveLegal Framework 1991 N/A
Energy Conservation Promotion Act (No.2) B.E 2550 (2007) NationalMitigation PoliciesIn-force or ActiveLegal Framework 2008 N/A
Thailand: 20-Year Energy Efficiency Development Plan (2011 - 2030) NationalPublic AwarenessIn-force or ActivePlans/ Programmes 2010 2029
Thailand: Draft of Energy Efficiency Plan 2015-2035; EEP 2015 (BE.2558 - 2579), Thai Version NationalPublic AwarenessProposedPlans/ Programmes 2014 2034